Merrill - Scott Mansion

In the 1850's white lumbermen were welcomed by the Indians and their chief. Some time later his daughter Jenny for whom the settlement was named for died. On how she died is speculation. One account says she fell in love with one of the lumberman became pregnant and killed herself. Another is she died during child birth. Another is she died from flu brought by the white man. The chief buried her on the hill and cursed the ground that it would never do any white man any good. The curse is the legend. Nine people died after T.B. Scott bought the land for a home in 1884 and died unexpectedly in 1886 before the house was finished. Within a year his wife Ann died. Their son Walter went to see the architect to finish the house. He was stabbed to death by him. In 1893 it was sold to a man named Kuechle. He lost all his money on a gold mine and mortgaged the house to Tony Barsanti. Tony foreclosed and Kuechle went insane and died in an asylum. The same year Barsanti was stabbed to death in Chicago while waiting for a train to Merrill. In 1901 George Gibson bought the house and went to inspect it. He was never seen again. In 1906 Mary Fellhaber bought the property. Soon after fell ill and died. Popcorn Dan was the caretaker and died in 1912 after booking passage on the Titanic.The next caretaker Mr. Lloydsen died of alcoholism. In 1919 the widower of M. Fellhaber gave the property to the city. In 1923 the city gave it to the Sisters of the Holy Cross who have seemed to break the curse for now. Rumors of ghost sightings in the tower.

Merrill, Wisconsin

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