Victoria - Cinema 4 Salem 6 Playhouse 4

At Cinema 4 there is a ghost woman that watches the workers clean. She is very playful and likes to call you name. While looking down they have seen a little boy run up to the concession stand and when you look up no one it there. At all the theatres everyone has seen trash cans roll up ramps and cold spots through out the buildings. The ghost only seems to mess with you if there is nothing fun going on. June 2008 Additional information: A Former employee that worked there in 1994 and 1995 as a projectionist. The story is that a woman named Dorothy fell out of an upstairs door that they used to load food and candy before the theater was bought by Cinemark. Apparently she broke her neck and died. The doors are still there but have been padlocked shut. There is a 25 foot drop-off straight to the ground outside if you stepped through the door. When he worked there you could say Dorothy and a film would always break within the next few minutes. They would always hear foot steps on the upstairs catwalk when we first entered the building in the morning when nobody was in the building. They would often see reflections of things in the windows in front of the projectors but nothing was there when we turned around to look. Also she enjoyed turning off lights unscrewing light bulbs and closing all the doors when you were upstairs alone.

Victoria, Texas

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