Luther - Old Gay Hill School

Just outside of Big Spring Supposedly the school's ceiling collapsed and killed students in the auditorium. The principal knew about the safety hazard concerning the ceiling and didn't do anything about it until it was too late. He felt guilty and went home and hung himself (his house is just down the road from the school). The principal haunts the house and the children haunt the school. Strange lights sounds and apparitions can be observed at both the house and the school. The school was reported to be a place for devil worship after the disaster occurred. Feelings of being watched and stalked occur at the school.Another story is is that a young girl had hung herself in the girls bathroom. Reasons floating around are that she had failed a class had been rejected and was murdered. After her death the school then town began to fade away. With the town in repression the school was in trouble. Press and families were putting alot of heat on the school and it was too much for the principle. He shot himself in his office. After these events the school was shut down and the town no longer exists. But you can still visit this school. BECAREFUL IT IS FALLING APART THE ROOF HAS CAVED IN AND THERE IS METAL AND ROCKS EVERYWHERE. It is said that the bathroom and the principle's office are very cold with a sense of being watched almost breathed on it feels on the back of your neck. In the bathroom with no lights if you can stand it as you stand in the bathroom unable to see anything you can almost see a girls face RIGHT in front of your face LOOKING you right in the eyes!

Luther, Texas

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32.4437257, -101.4567943


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