Willoughby Hills - Squire's Castle

In early 1800's Mr. Squire was to build a castle for his wife in the country. When the gatehouse was finished he took his wife to stay the night so she could see how life in the country was. She awoke in the middle of the night to sounds of wild animals and wandered the house terrified. She tripped down the basement stairs and was hung on a rope from the raptors. The basement was sealed up and construction was ended. Apparently Mr. Squires was so upset over the shock of his wife's death that he never removed her body from the basement. When at the castle at night you can hear Mrs. Squires screaming and roaming from room to room. You can also see her dimly in the room the basement used to lead off from.

Willoughby Hills, Ohio

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41.5983823, -81.4184471


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