Mansfield - The Reformatory

Once an old prison the Reformatory has been turned into a ghost hunting site and tourist attraction. Movies such as the Shawshank Redemption have been filmed there. Anyway during Halloween the Reformatory is opened as a Haunted House and it is indeed haunted. Many many ghosts still reside within its walls. Inside at night you can sometimes see the formations of the spirits. At anytime day or night if you go through certain parts of it you can feel a definite chill. There is a lingering feeling of sadness and if you walk into some of the cells you can definitely feel the spirits in there with you. There are some very dangerous vortexes you have to watch for in there. After all of the years of negative energy they have built up into these vortexes that are capable of doing rather nasty things to you. You can hear the voices of the spirits in the hallways near the mess hall. Heed a psychic's warning- if you ever go to this place prepare yourself and DO NOT INVOKE THESE SPIRITS!!! They are very dangerous if you don't know what you're doing.

Mansfield, Ohio

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40.75839, -82.5154471


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