Ozone Park - Bay Side Cemetry

The Jewish cemetery is over a century old and has hardly been taken care of. Though many have passed it on the A train at Boyd ave. It has ben vandalized so often that the caretakers are forced to close it down at 4 PM. The graveyard is a group of 3 cemeteries. If you walk in it you will come across many graves with pictures of who occupies the tomb. As well as a few un-earth graves. One part is almost sectioned off where only infants and children remain with there tombstones almost completely sucked into the ground. The trees for some reason also grow in twisted formations that even you imagination can't muster a image. At night you feel like you are being watched. Reports of cries talking laugher and an ominous fog loom over the site. As well as faces and orbs appearing in pictures. And sites of gray images sitting on the tomb stones. But who says its safe during the day? At all hours you feel you are being watched. As well as many who have reported stomach pains near the location. While you walk you feel like something is standing next to you or running past your eyes. And once in a while you get an over whelming stench that brings tears to you eyes. Prey you don't go and vandalize the already damaged graves who knows how much more those poor souls can take.

Ozone Park, New York

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