New York City - The City College of New York

Numerous reports since the 1920s of students seen -- and recognized by students and [former] professors years back -- known to have died in the First World War haunting one of the former political club lounges in Shepherd Hall. Legend had it that in one particular instance a math tutor noticed that a student's clothes seemed somewhat dated for the mid-20s and put it in his mind to inquire as to how the young man was making out financially given it was still a wholly free college with a mostly working class student body. Only later that night did this absent minded professor wake up from sleep with a start scaring his wife in the process [isn't that always the case?] with the recollection that the young man died in France in 1918. Apparitions dressed in 60's & 70's clothes and one ghost in particular is in grunge attire he always appears sad looking is only seen just before or after closing hours.

New York City, New York

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