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The story goes... There is a rather large building in which is now know Plum Point condo's in Newburgh NY that used to be a all boys Christian school. One of the nun's molested the boy & killed him then put his body in the wall and covered it up well (being there was already construction going on inside it was a good cover-up he was just reported missing) Then about a year later strange things would happen that drove the school to shut down. For about 10 or more years now they have been trying to make it into an apartment complex because there are condo's all around it and every time someone goes in there to work a hand was cut off by machinery the machinery would break for no apparent reason etc.. And many people have said they have seen the boy. October 2005 Correction: The above submission is the popular word about town regarding the information on our site however most of it is not true. Unfortunately this same description regarding Plum Point on many websites.Probably cutting and pasting from this site. A visitor to our site reports the following: Before the condos went in there was a large mansion (complete with detached servant's quarters.) It was originally constructed for a family who met an untimely death. The mansion then became a home for wayward girls for many years and eventually an orphanage of sorts accepting children who were not only parentless but had no where to run. This is where the rumors of the molestation occurrence sprouts from. The molestation may be true but in all my research and hearing of rumors I have never heard a report of anyone being buried in the walls. Eventually the mansion became a hotel had an addition put on both sides of the original building and then was abandon for many years (The room numbers were still on the doors during abandonment.) The property changed hands uneventfully several times as Plum Point started building north of the property. The condo construction went fine UNTIL there was finally a developer who had funding to begin working on the mansion itself. By this time condominium construction was creeping around all sides of the mansion. They developer intended to knock down the servant's quarters which was a small home just a few yards to the south of the mansion. Heavy equipment was brought in but would break down every time they attempted to start the job. Eventually the fire department attempted to burn the house down and failed. if I remember correctly an article appeared either in the Newburgh News or Times Herald Record regarding this however I cannot be certain enough to state this as fact. There was no record of a worker losing a hand in the information I remember seeing. Eventually the building was torn down by hand. Currently Plum Point Condos have engrossed the entire area all the way down to the beach of the Hudson River. The mansion has been rebuilt and turned into several condos and stands proud today however a shell of its' former glory. Regarding the haunting phenomenon there have been many reports of a women/girl holding a baby in the same 2nd floor window of the mansion looking out at the cars driving by. No one really knows if the ghost was a resident from the girl's home or the original owner other than to say the girl appeared fairly young. I witnessed this ghosts myself while walking by the mansion one winter night. When the mansion was abandon doors would frequently slam open and shut while trespassers were walking down the narrow hallway. Rumors regarding this range from a single boy ghost to a group of mischievous boy ghosts having fun with their living guests As their actions never appeared or felt threatening according to witnesses. A female ghost was frequently reported coming down the sweeping staircase in the main hall. This was heralded by a noticeable temperature drop in the area. Trespassers inside the mansion itself while it was abandon who were cut by objects inside the house would bleed for unordinary amounts of time. I witnessed this myself on several occasions. In one case a friend of mine was cut by a piece of black fireplace marble. He bled for the rest of the day and into the evening despite the cut appearing to be small and superficial my friend being in perfect health and treating the cut properly. A crying baby could often be heard down by the riverfront near the railroad tracks just over the hill a short walk towards the river from the mansion. Trains used to frequently stop on this section of tracks. Rumors said that many men who rode in the caboose of the freight train would often hear a baby cry. When they would get out to investigate they would never be able to find the child. When they would approach the area where the crying was coming from the crying would start from somewhere else close by. Condos have now been built on this spot (formerly a very swampy area) and I do not know if this phenomenon continues today. People currently live in the mansion however the current state of haunting phenomenon there is unknown as well.

Newburgh, New York

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