Fredonia - Fredonia State College- Igoe Hall

A student named Jimmy Igoe was killed on a fishing trip to Lake Erie. He now haunts the halls of this structure by slamming doors changing television channels turning lights on and off and messing with the water in the bathrooms and he messes with the elevator. When you ask him to stop he will.


Formerly known as Building “E”, this residence hall opened in 1970 and is named for former student James Robert Igoe who tragically drowned in Lake Erie. It is primarily an upperclass co-ed, four bedroom suite-style residence hall. It features an academic photo lab in the basement along with the laundry facility, as well as a kitchen area in the main lobby. Residents of this hall are not required to have meal plans. Igoe Hall is located in Andrews Complex, and is directly across from the Igoe/Hendrix parking lot.


Fredonia, New York

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