Cortland - State University of New York- Cortland- Cheney Hall

Cheney is one of two dormitories connected to Brockway Hall. Elizabeth was student at Cortland who resided in one of the oldest residence buildings on the university campus Cheney. She was reportedly pushed from the fourth floor down the central staircase by her boyfriend in the early eighties. Strange happenings have been reported by students ever since. After the tragic death of the young woman a mural was designed in her honor. Students living on the fourth floor of Cheney reported a feeling of unease when viewing the mural as if they were being scrutinized by Elizabeth's representation in the massive painting. Since the time of her death students claim to have spotted misty apparitions of outstretched arms and airy female figures that disappear when given a second glance. Incidentally another female student recently fell from the same floor the fourth. She had been intoxicated and leaned too far over the brass banister when she fell. She was completely unharmed.

Cortland, New York

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