Chemung States - Chemung Elementary School

It is said that an 11 year old boy and girl where killed by an old janitor. If someone went into the school at exactly 2:00 a.m. the ghost of Mallina will appear and anyone that stayed in there for more than 2 hours would never be seen again and a lot more kids have done this and were never heard from again. If you go to the Chemung Cemetery you will see all of the kids graves that were never heard of again and they all say lost son/daughter. ALSO IT WAS SAID THAT THE TEACHERS IN THE SCHOOL HAD BEEN MERDERD BY THE GHOST AND THE TEACHERS THAT ARE TEACHING THERE NOW ARE THERE GHOST AND IF THEY HAD KIDS THERE THEY WERE GHOST TO.

Chemung States, New York

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42.093386, -76.806189


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