Grants - Econo Lodge

No one is allowed on the third floor it now is used as a storage. From the swimming pool you can see people looking down at you. You can hear footsteps screaming and the elevators going up there. The elevators don't even work. Someone appears in the Kitchen. You feel a coldness upon you. December 2003 addition: They say it?s just a fake. People are forgetting about it. No newspaper can be found it like the town has covered it up. Some locals say they know there?s something there. They heard a Maid was murdered there she was taking some towels up to a man and when she got to his room he grabbed her and murder her in his room on the third floor. The police tape is still on the left wing of the third floor. People say that if you go to the room that it happen in that you can still smell blood and that the room is very cold. If you go at just the strike of midnight you can hear her screams and moans. All the rooms that don't have numbers on the door are said that something happed in those rooms. The hotel it filled with evil and people say that if you sleep on the second floor of the under the room that it happened in that you can hear here yelling and cry for help!

Grants, New Mexico

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35.14726, -107.8514466


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