Clovis - Pathway House

Employees at this treatment center for adolescent boys have reported seeing shadows late at night. One administrator was working late at night when he heard some one climbing the stairs above his office. He went to investigate because he knew that no one was supposed to be in that part of the building at night. When he opened the door to the staircase he saw a white life sized object floating up the stairs. June 2008 Update Memorial hospital closed more than 30 years ago and stood vacant until very recently. During its vacancy people would see a woman run in terror from the building. Thinking it was a real woman people would stop to help her only to find she was nowhere to be found. Over the years people have also seen the dark figure of a man lingering in the south parking lot. He would fade away if approached. Recently the Memorial Hospital building was reopened and is being used by non-profit agencies for storage and office space. People working in the building report seeing dark figures and hearing unexplained bumps and groans at night.

Clovis, New Mexico

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34.4047987, -103.2052272


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