Port Monmouth - Spy House Museum

This house was a tavern during Washington's day and got it's name because the owner would welcome British troops into the tavern listen to what they were planning and tell Washington's men (hence the name Spy house) and before that it was used by pirates who supposedly hid treasure in the house and stored their dead in the basement. There are tunnels under the house and there have been ghosts of both a pirate and a spirit of a child who died in the upstairs. It has also been said the spirit of a Women who took care of soldiers still haunts the Spy house. Many Investigators claim that once you turn down the street of the Spy House you can feel the energy. The evidence that we investigators have are Moving Orbs Ectoplasm and full body apparition.

Port Monmouth, New Jersey

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40.430108, -74.0984745


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