Weirs Beach - Winnipesaukee Marketplace

The Winnipesaukee Marketplace dates back to the 1880's where it used to be the Lakeside Inn. Employee's and tourists who have stayed in there as well as locals have said they have felt cold spots intense energy fields it feels as though your not alone. On a good night especially on a full moon you can see a hanged man in the middle window on the top floor. Assumed suicide or was it? Also there is a woman who is the former owner of the place she only appears and talks to certain people. I have seen both woman and man and the man is very distinguished in features I only have seen his face briefly. Dark cold eyes as if mad at the world. He is the one who does most of the ghostly activities such as throwing light cover utensils objects get misplaced and lights have been seen on in building when no one has been near it.

Weirs Beach, New Hampshire

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43.6089647, -71.4606288


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