Rye - Ray's Seafood

Goldie who haunts the top floor of the restaurant. She is known to open windows when they are locked. One night when the owners children were in the bar sneaking drinks she made the phone ring several times. She also made the glasses shake until they left. Back in the late 50's Rays was a residence. Goldie and her sister Blanche shared a bedroom in the house. Goldie and Blanche both went to homes for the elderly in early 1960. Goldie had all her belongings stored in the attic of the house. Rays was built in the basement of that house and the house then became an apartment on the top of the restaurant. Several nights the two children would see a vision coming from the attic where Goldie's things were stored. On several occasions the attic light would go on by itself. The mother felt a chill in her bedroom on several occasions and one night the ring she left on the dresser was missing. She felt that Goldie was always looking for her things and she just decided to take the ring as all her belongings had been given to charity. The original Rays burned in the 80's and there have been no reports of Goldie since. But others have felt here presence too in the old building.

Rye, New Hampshire

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43.0134228, -70.7708858


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