Plymouth - Plymouth State University- Samuel Read Hall

Residence Hall Rumored to be haunted. Not known if the spirit is male or female. Feels of not being alone.


Building History

The Hall Dormitory was built next to the Peppard house starting in 1923, and for some time the west wing of Samuel Read Hall Dormitory was connected to that house. In March of 1932, the east wing of Hall Dormitory was completed and the Lamson Library was moved from Rounds Hall to this wing. Although originally built to house women, the increase in veteran enrollment after World War II prompted the hall’s change to a men’s dormitory.

Named For

Hall Dormitory was named for a former principal of the Holmes Plymouth Academy, Samuel Read Hall (1795-1877.) Before serving as principal at the Academy he established the first normal school in America in Concord, VT. During his time at Plymouth, from 1837 to 1840, he established a teachers seminary and introduced the concept of training teachers for grade positions. It was the existence of a teachers seminary at this location during the time of the Holmes Plymouth Academy that helped sway public opinion in 1870 that Plymouth should be the location for the State Normal School.


Plymouth, New Hampshire

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