Plymouth - Plymouth State University- Mary Lyon Residence Hall

Built in 1916, Mary Lyon Hall is one of the oldest residences for students on the Plymouth State Univeristy campus.  The school was originally an all girls school and becuase of this, the school insitiuted strict dress codes for students which included dresses for girls.  Because of this dress code, the school built an underground system of tunnels that travels between Blair Hall, Samuel Reed Hall (Hall Hall), Mary Lyon Hall, Memorial Hall, and Rounds Hall.  The tunnels were not built until after WW2 and were closed off in the late 1960's.  The purpose of their creation was to protect students from the harsh wintertime weather and spring showers that occur in the region.  Nobody exactly knows what happened in the tunnels to have them closed off and nobody exactly knows the real story as to the cause of the hauntings (this being said from both teachers and librarians at the school, along with their testimony).  But there is a general agreeing consensus as to an eerie story.  Legend has it that two students, a girl and boy were killed in the tunnels between Blair and Mary Lyon Hall.  There is no evidence of a tunnel cave in, or records of anyone being murdered in the tunnels, but there are very prevelent forces that still scare students.  In the basement of the Blair Hall Residence there is a locked double sided door (a entree door into the now abandoned tunnels).  Many students claim after venturing down and looking through the crack in to doorway into the tunnel to see a black figure shaking violently on the other side.  From the Mary Lyon side of the tunnels, students report and very malicious entity that resides in the basement and is known to give off violent and unwelcoming feelings to students who venture down there alone and is known for driving them out of the basement.  The two spirits are believed to be connected to eachother and anyone who ventures down to either location as night is almost certain to have a personal experience.  The tunnels are still used for hot and cold water piping across campus and transportation of machinery.  If you would like to learn more about the hauntings in Plymouth, call or visit the Lamson Library located and ask librarians or teachers for information about other haunts at the school!

Plymouth, New Hampshire

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Source: Personal Experience
Plymouth State Student who looked through the numerous accounts listed in our library on microfilm

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