Nashua - Gilson Rd Cemetery

Many sightings of 'misty people' have been reported. It is said that if you walk from the front entrance to the middle you feel like you're wading in water. Park the car across the street and it'll feel like you're being pushed back from the cemetery. Stand at the perimeter and you can hear voices from the back right-hand corner. Tombstone dates go back as far as the early 1800's. A black hooded figure has been seen on several occasions. December 2003 There are also areas around this cemetery in the woods and also where the new homes that are built that are haunted. There have been many many things that have happened in this area. There are glittering seen in many places in the woods as well as scary sounds and shadows. Peoples voices seem to be heard but not understood. You can hear things assumed un-human moving around in the area. Horses and dogs sometimes shy at different areas both day & night or refuse to go anywhere near some areas. Some of the older homes have unexplained things happen in them glasses breaking as you reach for them cold spots and doors and windows that open for no reason or that will not stay closed. The Elementary school has sports fields that are very close to the cemetery and things have been seen and heard in this fields at all times. There is also the saying that someone or something watches over this area! It has been seen by kids just inside the woods or crossing the fields and roads in the area at rare times of the day or night.

Nashua, New Hampshire

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