Keene - Woodlawn Cemetery- Sumner Knight Chapel

The whole area near the Knight Chapel is a major hotspot. The chapel itself is home to a very unhappy spirit and it's presence is almost overwhelmingly strong as you get within 15 feet of the Chapel. Near the chapel is the spirit of a little girl who will sneak around and peer from behind trees at you and on voice recorders you can get sounds of a girl giggling. You have to go away from the Chapel to encounter her. Warning do not curse in front of the Chapel. There is a spirit who will wash your mouth out with soap if you do. Several people have documented the taste of soap in their mouths and others can smell the soap (Similar to Ivory Bar Soap in my opinion) on the breaths of the victims.

Keene, New Hampshire

There are 75 Haunts nearby

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Location Approximate!!! Care to correct it?

42.933692, -72.2781409


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