Omaha - Hummel Park

In Omaha, there is a city park on the northern outskirts named Hummel Park. The background of this park is very macabre to begin with. In the early 1900s, Lynch mobs would ride through town and hang or otherwise mutilate any black people that happened to be in sight. They hung so many black people that the trees still bow over the road leading to Hummel Park. The weird part is that young trees and even the grass lean toward the road outside the park and even inside the park. Apparitions, mists, Indian drums playing at night, wolves howling. Supposed old Indian burial grounds on sight. Also, reports of the morphing stairs. It is a staircase which is roughly 200 stairs long. The word, "roughly" is used because every time you go up and or down it you will count a different number of stairs. There is a staircase at Hummel Park that if you walk up to the top and count the stairs going up, it will be less than the number of stairs going down, it is called the stairway to hell because of this.There have been many reports of animal sacrificing in the park. There is also a cult of albinos that live in the park, supposedly. But be careful of crazy people out there if you decide to go.

Omaha, Nebraska

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