Omaha - Central High

on the main floor when you walk the hallways by the deans office on weekends or nights, drop temperature even when the heater is on. keep walking down and if you brought someone you will here "I know your here" and if you brought three or more people you will here "I know your all here." then you will see a white blur fly past you down the hallway near the deans office. if you look in the window you might see a shadowy figure wave to you. It is possible this was a former dean or janitor. The ghost sounds like a janitor because you might here broom sweeps in the hallway, but it seems like a dean because it waves in the dean?s office when the door was locked. Be patient, they are sure to show up. Also heard creaking at a distance and wheels moving on wooden floors.

Omaha, Nebraska

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41.2523634, -95.9979883


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