Columbus - Shell Creek School -2 miles east

first road to the west of Twisters or around 2 miles east of Shell Creek School, When you take the road and are heading north you will go over this little hill. On top of the hill, sometimes you will see around 5-6 orange lights near the creek. They do not have the shine around them such as incandescent. We suspect it to be fires. Then you will go a little ways out and see a diesel tank to run the irrigation systems. Follow the road to the left. At this point it gets very narrow. Keep following the road. You will come across another diesel tank that says "Stay Out". If you chose to go past this, following up to the left is a large bump/rising in the road and you rise slightly in elevation. There will be many stacks of old pipes here. There will be no real good place to turn around so you might have to do some 3-point turns. Honk your horn when you think you cant go any farther on the road. The horn should sound very distant, not like it was coming from your engine, almost as if it was coming from all around you.

Columbus, Nebraska

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41.4327778, -97.3586111


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