Libby - Sportsman?s RV Park

During the spring of the year when thunderstorms are rumbling overhead and lightning flashes lighting up the dark midnight sky a shadow of a figure looking down wearing what looks like a hooded poncho that is blowing and waving in the wind can be seen drifting (floating with no feet) around the RV Park. Before the RV Park was built in the late 1960s with anticipation and the start of construction on the Libby Dam this place was called the Riverside Inn. It was a steak house gas station mobile home park and mobile motel (house of ill repute). Construction workers and others gathered here after work to let loose and do who knows what else. It is said that vagrants and squatters called the Riverside Inn home. They camped in the woods behind the Inn with hopes of landing a job on the Dam. A few years after the Libby Dam was completed the Riverside Inn burnt and was never rebuilt. Who knows what happened to the ones who never landed a job? How did they survive with little or no food and the harsh winter weather in Montana? Could some poor lost soul still be wandering and waiting with the hopes of landing a job on the Libby Dam? Did something horrible happen to this person before their time and they will not rest until their wrong is righted? You be the Judge!

Libby, Montana

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48.3882861, -115.5559988


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