Millersburg - Little Dixie Lake

on the north side where the parking lot is all gravel there are two trails that eventually merge at a thick tree line. There are then two continuing trails running parallel to one another. Following the lakeside trail will eventually take you to a huge tree just past a green pond on the side of the trail choked with algae and little frogs. The tree is at least two hundred years old, they left it intact when they dug the lake and marked the trails back in the day. A residence?s dog goes crazy around the tree, when trying to contain the dog, their flashlight died. They have heard groaning noises late at night and weird clanking, visions a man hanging from a thick, long length of rope swung over the limb. Description is a male, in dark slacks, a white sort of tattered, dirty shirt and barefooted. Upon leaving the area of the tree, the flashlight came back on.

Millersburg, Missouri

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38.8986513, -92.1235162


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