Milan - Milan C-2 School

In about the fall of 1969 or the spring of 1970, a group of students and the school's basketball coach who were arriving at the schoolhouse gym for a practice of the school play, entered the gym, turned on the lights, and witnessed a figure of a woman dressed in black lying on the couch that was part of the scenery on the stage for the play. After a few seconds, the woman got up from the couch and disappeared into thin air! It is said that the coach was so upset by the event that he fainted. All of the students and the coach verified seeing this event, which may be related to stories of a "Woman in Black" that tell of her being a school teacher from Milan many years ago that was killed and is now seen around the town, especially the area of the school, from time to time. Also, there are historical records that show that the County Courthouse is built on top of an ancient Indian burial mound, and that during the excavation for the courthouse basementseveral skeletons were unearthed, one of which was reported to have been approx. 7-8 feet tall and was buried in a seated position facing due north.

Milan, Missouri

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