Maryville - Workman's Chapel

There is a presence felt at this church. It has been engulfed in flames before and no damage has occurred. There is a story about someone seeing some old cars around there like a funeral was going on and the roof of the vehicle that this person was in started to crush in until they left. A voice told someone where a knife was located under a part of the floor that was used by the priest to kill someone. A tree right by the chapel was used to hang people. You can sometimes see figures hanging from the trees. Also when you look just right you can see a figure hanging inside the church itself. Also rumors of a man that walks a horse. Supposedly if you leave your car underneath the tree that people were hung from you can hear feet as if trying to stand on your car to stop them from dying. Hoofs and many strange sounds come from the woods and sometimes noises from he chapel while in the cemetery are heard.

Maryville, Missouri

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