Kansas City - Family graveyard behind the Airport

Strange noises, cold spots, warm spots, strange uneasy feelings and apparitions have been reported. The location is off of K highway past the Tiffany Springs playing fields. At the end of thee road the airport will be in front of you fenced off, to the right will be another road for about thirty feet which is barricaded. Turn left for about 1/4 of a mile and it will be on your right.- December 2005 Update/Additional Information: There used to be a house next to it, as to this day the stone/brick fireplace is still standing, although the rest of the house is completely gone. Information about this place is tied up with the airport purchasing the land so info was hard to come by. Since the property is now owned entirely by the airport, caution should be used. It is very possible you will be arrested if you are there with out permission. Since 9/11, airport security is out there usually within ten minutes of any cars parked stationary either on K HWY or on the road that leads to the cemetery. They are very serious. It's not barricaded and the land that surrounds the cemetery is farmland, usually only for corn/soybeans.

Kansas City, Missouri

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