Sullivan - Glaser Road and State Park

There was a "mist" appeared to many teenagers in the late 50's and early 60's on Glaser Road. They nicknamed it the Blob. Also on the same road starting in the 60's and goes on today but only on occasion a light appears and dances around in the sky and sometimes on the road. Another light has been seen in the State Park, which is on down past Glaser road. This light was seen as early as 1940's. It is large and round. It changes colors like a bubble. My father saw it in the early 40's while he was in the CCC camp. He and a friend were walking back to camp and it followed them. In the early 60's my science teacher at Sullivan High School went to investigate these lights that all us kids were talking about. He took a friend with him. It took all night but they did see it.

Sullivan, Missouri

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