Eureka - Ramada Inn

A witness that worked at Ramada on 3rd shift doing laundry and stocking closets for housekeepers for about 3 years, experienced some very strange things. One night they saw shadows across the dryers. They were there for about 30 sec. then they disappeared. The little girl who haunts there lived there long ago with her family. The story says that she was in the barn, which is now the banquet halls and front desk area, and she fell out one of the upper windows. They say her name is Aggie. Witnesses have seen her many times running the halls. She likes to play by peeking around the corner and as soon as you see her she takes off. You can also see her sometimes in the huge mirror in the banquet hall. There is also a room in the 300's where a man killed himself. One morning a couple of older ladies got to their room {the room where the man killed himself} and when they went into the bathroom they saw a man dead in the bath tub and they came running and screaming. When the bathroom was checked, there was nothing there. The ladies checked out and found another place to stay. These are just a few of many weird happenings at the Ramada Inn at Six Flags.

Eureka, Missouri

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