Dixon - Wheeler Cemetery

This is an old cemetery named Wheeler. It is located about five miles down a county road off of DD hwy. There are several babies and young children buried in this grave yard with at least one of a tragic death. Also, there are several teens and individual in there early twenties who had died of beheading, drowning, car accidents, and murder. Hauntings are very prevalent in this location. It will always be windy inside the cemetery gates, without any wind on the outside. You can tell this without even stepping a foot into the cemetery by the flag that is seated in the middle of the yard, the flag is lit up at night so you can still check out the ghostly wind. Activity that has been known at this location includes: Front gate opening and closing by itself. Scratching under the ground. Green and Red orbs visible by eye and on camera, and finally TONS OF EVP'S.

Dixon, Missouri

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37.9917061, -92.0937783


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