Truxton - Haunted house

This abandoned haunted house you can see off of highway 70. Take the Truxton exit and get off at the service road. Follow the service road and watch on the right. You'll know when you've found the house. No history is known. But witnesses report hearing a chilling women's scream echoing throughout the empty rooms. Footsteps have been heard on the steps, banging has been heard in the basement. And a dark shadow figure has been seen in the top left window. There?s always an overpowering sense that someone is watching you from that top window, and it's a horrible feeling. NO TRESSPASSING This is house is PRIVATE, and the owners who live down the road do not like visitors. killed herself by slitting her wrists. The submitter of this additional information reports they own property in Herman, which they have passed this house for many years. Their father went up to the house in 1975 because he was curious on buying the property. At this time the house looked, as it had been standing vacant for many years. He thought it was abandoned. So when he made his way to the back porch and looked in side, there was a women gray hair rocking back in forth in a rocking chair.

Truxton, Missouri

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