St. Joseph - Benton High School

It is said that if you go to the third floor at night and try to walk down the 200 foot hallway, you will get books thrown at is also said that if u walk down the hall and yell, lockers will start opening and you will here people on the intercom talking from the main office in the building...the school is built on top of an old indian burial, when u walk into the main entrance of the school building, and as soon as you enter the door, you are stepping on the leader of the Indian tribe leader. And about 10-15 years ago a secretary died and now and days when you walk into the office you can smell the perfume she wore, and the chair that she sat in will always be lowered and comforted how she had it when she was a secretary at the school. Also on the third floor when you walk down it and look into classrooms through the door you can see people sitting in a room doing homework, the people doing homework there is sum old students who died in a car crash.

St. Joseph, Missouri

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