Seanath - "Crybaby's Bridge."

There is a bridge over the river over on a road there. A long time ago, a farmer, his wife and his kid lived there. The dad was gone to town, and the mother was doing laundry. Her child had wandered out into the river. The mother heard her child crying and she herself couldn?t swim, but she jumped in anyways. They both drown. Today, if you park on the bridge, you'll get this terrifying feeling. The chills, the shakes. really cold. and legend has it, that if you read the lords prayer backwards while on the bridge, you'll see the mother walking towards you with her waterlogged child in her arms, asking for help. then, the bridge will collapse, and you'll join them in watery death. no ones ever been brave enough to try it.

Seanath, Missouri

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36.1342336, -90.1598183


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