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I worked on the Tarkio College property when it was a youth treatment facility and can recall these experiences:


1) Rankin Hall. I was on the third floor, fetching some files, and the door to the room closed on me. There were no windows open and I was the only person up there because it was after business hours.


2) Northeast Dormitory (Lafayette Hall) There was a youthful spirit there who played little jokes on staff and students. (He?) would dart from room to room at night, prompting night staff to search. The kids placed their shoes outside their bedroom doors at night, and sometimes they would be switched around, starting arguments in the morning. The first time I saw him, he was sticking his hand out into the hall, the way students were supposed to to ask permission to use the restroom at night. We called on the hand, to no response, as it was sticking out an unused, locked room. 


One night there was a water tap running. I'd turn it off, then it would run again, and I'd turn it off... after a few times I said "Would you knock it off!" and it stopped. 


3) North-Central Dormitory (Eisenhower Hall) Other people talked about hearing crying in one of the rooms, to find no one there. I never heard her, but some nights I could feel a lonely, young lady hanging out with me. One could walk through a "cold spot" and know she was there. Some nights I would write a note to her, just a simple "hello," and I would feel a coldness on my shoulder as if someone was standing behind me, placing their hand on my shoulder as they read. If she walked up the hall with me, she stopped short of the west end of the corridor. 


4) Northwest Dormitory (MacArthur Hall) Towards the south end of the hall, there was a room on the west side that some students did not like to sleep in. While none would explain why, they'd risk sanctions to drag their mattress into the hall at night. I never experienced this spirit personally, but those who could sense him would just say he was "mean." 


5) South East Dormitories (Washington and Grace halls) In two adjoining buildings, there were similar sightings over the years. I had seen, though the corner of my eye, someone walking down the stairs or looking through the window from the stairs. The units were locked, so no human could open a door and travel the stairs without a buzzer sounding.  I never directly saw her myself, but at least half a dozen people told me about a girl with long, blond hair who would show up, peek around a corner or stand and watch for a while, then disappear. At that time there were no female students at the Academy.


6) Staff Residence Complex.  There were times I heard people moving furniture around,  in the north-west building then realized that the apartment in question was empty. One day a neighbour/co-worker complained about my rearranging furniture at night, but I had been working night shift and was not home.


Tarkio, Missouri

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