Taylor Falls - The Old Jail Inn

There is a ghostly image of a little boy on the 2nd floor & third floor of the Inn on occasions and a ghostly image of a woman on the third floor on occasion. There are two buildings involved. The Southern Building is the oldest jail in Minnesota made with true 2 x 4 boards stacked flat instead of stud walls of today has original outside wrought iron bar doors & windows (early 1900's it was turned into living quarters for guest). The Northern Building is the Main Inn with three floors. The first floor (Addressed as The Tunnel) was a funeral home when first opened in the early 1800's. Then the first floor was turned into a haberdashery and later during the Bootleg Era the back room opened up to a tunnel that went through a hill to the old trail for distribution (part of the tunnel is used inside and another section can be seen in the side of the hill to this day). The second floor used to be the living quarters and was used to prepare bodies for the funeral home in the early 1800's (old photos show a sliding door on the North Side where bodies were brought in for preparation renovation with window is now in that location but the original wood floor unloading area is still there today different from the rest of the wood floor on the second floor) later 1800's to be turned into living quarters for guests. The third floor was an old stable added on the second floor in the late 1800's and renovated for guest living quarters.

Taylor Falls, Minnesota

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