St. Paul - Forepaugh's Restaurant

Forepaugh's Restaurant is located in an old Victorian mansion named after the mansions' original owner Joseph Forepaugh. Mr. Forepaugh was into the dry good's business so when his fortune was made he bought this beautiful mansion. He also decided to hire himself some servants to accompany his new found wealth. Well Mr. Forepaugh became rather fond of one of his servants in particular. Her name was Molly and the two of them soon began to have a steamy love affair together. However things got rather ugly after Mrs. Forepaugh caught the two together in the midst of their lovemaking. She insisted Mr. Forepaugh break off the affair and so he did. This did not settle well with Molly who was now pregnant with Mr. Forepaugh's child. She became so distraught over the situation that she went to the third floor tied a noose around herself and a light fixture then threw herself out of the window. Mr. Forepaugh was so devastated over her death that he went into a deep depression and eventually shot himself at the nearby railroad tracks. It is said that Mr. Forepaugh and Molly now haunt the mansion. People have claimed to see Molly near the area where she hanged herself. Mr. Forepaugh on the other hand has been seen by employees and customers in the dining room area. They say that a nice looking guy just walks through the dining room as if he owns the place.

St. Paul, Minnesota

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