Rochester - Quarry Hill Park

Many strange things have happened here.

There is a wooden bridge near the quarry itself called Dead Man's Bridge where, it is rumored, a man hung himself in the 60s. 

A now-closed hospital used to back up to what is now the park. The caves on site were actually dug out and used to store vegetables, meat, and fruit. The entrance to the caves have - to my knowledge - been blocked with iron bars since before the park opened. The area around the caves was used as a sort of park where nurses would take walks with patients so they could get some fresh air. There are several "pit-stops" around the park where patients  could rest; there are free-standing fireplaces in these areas for colder days. The hospital's cemetery is also on the park land and the majority of the graves are unmarked or marked with short stone pillars without any sort of identification of the buried party. On the edge of the cemetery is a dug out area lined with stone which backs up to the main path up the hill which is about ten feet above the cemetery. This little dugout is where bodies from the hospital were stacked during winter months when the ground was too frozen to dig up.

The quarry at the top of the hill was meant for mining limestone. The miners used dynamite and many injuries and, possibly, deaths occured as a result. The mining of limestone ended one day when the workers showed up to find that all of the dynamite was missing from the small shed it was kept in. The shed itself stood for decades until around 2007 when the park demolished it (not that there was much left to destroy) and built a replica.

Children in Rochester often visit the park on school trips; at least once every two years. When I was young, the older children used to tease us, telling us that there was once a mad man living in the caves who dragged young women in to kill them and that his ghost haunts the caves. I have never found any reason to believe these stories despite some amount of research into the matter.

Rochester, Minnesota

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Source: Personal Experience
From visits to the park throughout my childhood

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