Little Falls - Darling Church

Early after being built it is said that two African American men kidnapped and murdered a woman in the church. Being that murders were placed on the shoulders of Africans in that time it is no surprise that it was in this case either. It was rainy that night and a nearby farmer was said to be out in the yard getting something out of the rain and heard the scream of a woman. To him it sounded from the church but because of the weather he didn't pursue what he had heard. He figured he had heard the wind. The next day the woman was found dead in the church (cause of death unknown). Two African fellows were traveling through at the time and the death was placed on them. They got out of there as soon as they could being either they did kill the woman or they knew they would get the blame. The farmer never forgave himself for not going to the church that night.* Few people have said that they had seen a figure of the woman roaming around the graveyard behind the church and the church itself at night. They also said that further away from the church they heard a woman scream coming from the church. The ghost is seemingly harmless.

Little Falls, Minnesota

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