Plato - Glencoe- Ferguson's Cemetery

The cemetery is out in the middle of now where along side a county blacktop surrounded by corn fields. Supposedly haunted by a little boy. The small grave stone for him is separate from the rest of the cemetery. It sits in the southwest corner all by itself. Cemetery is framed by large pines and large iron gate at the front of the cemetery there is a small dirt field road on the west side that runs along the length of the cemetery and ends next the boys grave. In the center of the cemetery is a large tree or trees growing out one base. At night after 12 am if you count the trees at the center of the cemetery and if you go to the boy?s grave and come back the number of trees has changed. Most of the time it's thirteen but sometimes as few as six. It also feels as though someone is watching you and that your not welcome there. Some reported to have seen dogs by the boys grave as you are backing out with car.

Plato, Minnesota

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44.7744063, -94.0399721


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