Hutchinson - Harrington House

On the north side of Park Elementary there is a 1-story house built around 1820 the first in our town of Hutchinson. The house was built by the Harringtons and was inhabited for 40 yrs by the Harringtons. One night Litte Crow a Crow Indian known around here as hero spent the night with two of his friends and both were shot in the house one in the basement and one on the top level. The ghosts of the two Indians haunt the house. Pictures fall blood comes through the floor and voices are heard. November 2003 Update/ correction: Little Crow was a Sioux not a Crow Indian. Little crow and his son were shot but a farmer while picking berries near Hutch. The son lived. Little Crow's body was dragged into town abused by the locals who put firecrackers in his ears and dumped in the local landfill.

Hutchinson, Minnesota

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