Duluth - Charlie's Club

There is a night club in the western part of Duluth called Spirit Valley(go figure). The building was built in the late 1800's and was previously 4 stories tall now a single story due to a fire. Even though no one was hurt or killed in the blaze the bar has quite a lot of paranormal activity. It was quite a colorful place back in the day being a reported house of commercial affection gin mill speak easy etc. There are a couple of ongoing events that are quite commonplace. Near the west doors are a couple of pool tables. Just off the far right corner there is a corner drink table where many people have had been either shoved poked brushed or had their stick bumped to only discover that there is no one there. The other instance is the old woman who shows herself only to men. Mostly men who work there including yours truly. Many staff members have heard the bathroom's doors open and close slam shut swing open violently the back security door open and slam shut and no one being there. Attesting to this is it mostly happens after closing time when only the staff is there cleaning up with perimeter alarms set that if anyone was in these areas it would trip the alarms. May 2008 Update: burned down last year. The fire coincidentally started in the attic where the haunting allegedly occurred.

Duluth, Minnesota

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