Clarissa - waupaca middle school auditorium

in the middle of the day if you walk into the middle of the autiurom lits will turn in in the midddle school sound booth and lights will flicker. or if lights are turned on they will shut of and come back on. people say that waupaca middle school witch was once waupaca high school. there was a music director . he loved his kids and loved for them to sing in the autotorium. what has heard was he hung himself on the stage of the autiorum. there is ia little[ door in the left corner of the autiorium and kids will go in a they say they will see a figure then it will push them over and moan . aslo during school plays if u are in stage crew things will go missing and never found you will hear footseps in the back and the curtians will move back and forth. if you go to see the middle sachool plays always remember spomthing in the backstage is going on that no one knows about between foot steps And things going missing.... 

The gareld l kofel auditoriums light box is very small and compact but thigs will also go missing and chairs will be pushed over and you willl hear moans of gareld l kolef in the backrounds.... many other spirits haunt the middle school as if you go to frooms 154-156 witch was the old lybraby to the new lybrary  you will see a little 3girl walking back and forth throught the halls . manyothers say that there is A HUANTED bowling alley ing the base ment.. is you are in the offic de or in room 172 you will hear crasses from down stairs... they say trhe ghost from a country club died when racking up pins then was closed down and made into a high schools

Clarissa, Minnesota

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Source: Personal Experience

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