Westland - Westland Meadows Trailer Park

There is a small hill toward the center of the park there's a very old cemetery at the top of it it's wooded and fenced off but if you enter from the office end and you're in a high enough vehicle you can just make out the tops of the stones the dates are said to be from around the 1800's the Eloise Insane Asylum is adjacent to the park and the park itself is built on the former grounds (only the main ward of the asylum still stands which is now an office building for the city) there are also rumors that the park is on an old Indian burial ground (unsubstantiated) there has also been at least 1 suicide in the park (on Walnut) as for the incidents they have been scattered throughout the park and of a wide variety some of which are footsteps opening and closing doors electrical devices turning on by them selves unexplained highly localized power failure general prankster like activities etc.

Westland, Michigan

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42.324204, -83.400211


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