West Bloomfield - Green Lake Country Club

It was last one night. Two of our thirteen year old boys were sent to the clubhouse by one of their mothers to retrieve some beverages left in the kitchen. Sam & Jeremy stepped into the darkened clubhouse. They turned on the lights on the first floor. Both boys were facing the windows. They could see themselves reflected in the windows. But the strange thing was they also saw a third person standing between them. It looked like a little girl about 9 or 10 years old. She was standing between them and was about a head shorted that either boy. She was wearing white. The boys thought it was Melanie Jeremy's younger sister. They turned around simultaneously but no one was there. When they looked back at their reflection they only saw themselves. Sam & Jeremy looked at each other and certified that they had indeed both seen a third person but how could she have disappeared in such a brief moment. Itis a mystery they have never solved. Also A ghost of a little girl in white has been spotted. every time the clubhouse chairperson goes into the clubhouse to do a little work EVERY picture on EVERY wall is tilted and various angles. The pictures are helter skelter on the walls with no consistency. This occurrence has been experienced by many members overt the years. It sometimes gets so bad that a picture can be righted and you can return 5 minutes later and the picture will be hanging at a completely different angle. people heard people run up and down the stairs but no one is there along with doors opening and closing. the club house has a small bowling alley and a lady was having a party and set up the night before. she set up the bowling pins all neatly and the bowling balls were all lined up she locked up and left. and the next morning she went back around 7am and the pins were all over along with the bowling balls. no broken windows or sign of evidence that someone broke in she was the only one with the key.

West Bloomfield, Michigan

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