Traverse City - Traverse City State Hospital

closed down in 1989. The Traverse City State Hospital is in many ways considered haunted by locals. If you try enter the hospital with religious material such as: Bibles holy water flasks or crosses they are destroyed before entering the building. On the grounds of the hospital you can see various ghosts. You can also hear the voices and screams bellow from the hallways of the psych wards. Sightings of little baby's and old people walking inside on different floors and ghostly figures that chase the people that dare to even go inside. Sightings of disfigured creatures roam the basements and tunnels. On various occasions you will see lights on in the rooms of the patients but no electricity is connected to them and the power has been inactive for years. It isn't even unusual to find possessions on the grounds. A WARNING TO ALL THAT INVESTIGATE THE AREA. TRESSPASSERS ARE NOT ALLOWED. THERE IS A SECURITY SERVICE THAT WILL ESCORT YOU OFF THE PREMISES IF FOUND.

Traverse City, Michigan

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44.7630567, -85.6206317


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