Saint Clair Shores - Grosse Pointe Woods Lake Front Park Bath house

located just past the Ford estate on Lakeshore drive and Marter. There have been many unexplainable events which have been witnissed first hand by the park staff in the bath house. On many ocasions the lights have turned themselves on late at nightin the office and locker room areas and and in the ladies locker room showes have turned themselves on and locker doors will open and shut on their own after the building has been locked up. In the electrical room it is said that the lights will turn them selves off on you and you can hear foot steps on the upper level of the room. On one occasion a sterio was heard playing in the office after lock up and when the closing employes went to go turn it off they found that it was not pluged in nor did it have any batteries in it. Very late at night you can see the soda machine in the lounge area of the bath house through the glass wall facing the fenced in pool area. If you look at it carefully you can actually see it begin to shake. Sometimes you can see a figure in the office area of the bath house even after the doors have been locked. this figure is supposedly that of a construction worker who hung himself from the framing during the construction of the new bath house. : just a side note to thoes who want to take a look the park is open only to Grosse Pointe woods residents and it closes compleatly at 11 pm.

Saint Clair Shores, Michigan

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42.4931, -82.891134


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