Romulus - Van Born Warehouse

Off Van Born near Wayne Rd there is a warehouse complex that originally started out as Stinson Aviation. They built planes there in the 1930's. On the floor of the area are the initials of the workers who called themselves the Left Wing Gang. Ironically some of the initials are the exact same as those of workers who are there today. Legend has it that a wing fell from one of the planes and killed several workers there. After that it was expanded and Detroit Diesel occupied it for years where it is said a man committed suicide there. That part of the complex is now used by Ford Motor Co as a warehouse. At any time during the day and night you can hear voices and sounds as if people are working with tools like they are building something. Many times they call out to you by your name leaving workers to answer back to no one! Carts move all by themselves and several of the workers have had their clothes tugged on and have been tapped on the back only to find they are alone in the area. You can hear someone enter the toilet stall next to you only to find no one there. Several times workers have approached strangers thinking they were employees only to see them disappear into the air! Even disbelievers agree that something is going on there. Any one who visits the building will tell you they have never been anywhere like this before!

Romulus, Michigan

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