Oakland county - Royal Oak- Baldwin Theater

Located in downtown Royal Oak just south of 4th street on Lafayette the Baldwin Theatre was built in 1922 and was originally built as a vaudeville playhouse. Recent reports from members of the community theatre now occupying the theatre have reported many props sets and paint cans that have been moved into strange formations during the night and many shadows dart around the darkened stage at shows end. Also in the old balcony which is now a second level theatre there is a very active spirit which plays pranks on theatre members at night working on lights in the lighting booth and the stage lights high above the main auditorium. A face of a child can also be seen in a picture printed in a souvenir program of the new marquee being put up. One worker reports hearing footsteps on the other side of the curtain and behind the set checking everywhere and no one was there. October 2007 Additional Information: there is a man that walks around the theater he's the active spirit you mentioned he's harmless although he likes playing jokes on people. He usually stays upstairs you can see him sometimes in the old light board room if your on stage and also he likes to watch plays and watch people perform. He's mentioned once in awhile around the theater and he walked through one woman and then disappeared. Everybody at the theater just calls him the phantom because it seems to fit.

Oakland county, Michigan

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