Northville - Northville Tunnels

In the old city of Northville in the 40's and 50's were many insane asylums. They were not even a mile apart and ran through the whole town. They were all linked underneath the ground for underground passages of very mentally ill patients and there's rumors that that's where many of the out of control patients were punished not to alarm the others. The tunnels go all through the town and under buildings which are now on the place of the asylums. The tunnels are blocked off but the people who are brave enough to go in have experienced screaming voices moaning and orbs. Feelings of people behind you crashes against the walls and more. The tunnels are miles long and are tight compacted areas. There is a 200 dollar fine for anyone to go there seeing as the late 80's and 90's brought many Satanists there trying to summon up spirits. Update: The buildings of the insane asylum have now been torn down and they are building a sub-division on the land. They had tried many times to get a company to come and build there and always something went wrong. They finally got some company to build expensive homes there and now there is a worry for the people who purchase their homes there. It is the whole block on the north-east corner of Sheldon and 5 mile roads.
The state owns this property and the asylums and tunnels are still there.

Northville, Michigan

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